A long Journey with life.

Standing in the middle of a road, in a middle of a rainy night, I experienced another outlook about life and myself.

Can life be considered human?


The way we handle our life maybe it’s handling us instead.

What if it’s figuring us out like we are?

Maybe it’s throwing different situations at us to understand how far it can be dependent on us.

Wondering about everything, I remembered the rough journey till that day, remembered the beautiful memories that I cherish, remembered the people around me who were for a brief period, who left, and whom I left.

Even though, I still like the journey I have had, and look forward to the remaining journey to be a mix of everything just like before.

Because I want to figure out my dependency on my life and for now, I am struggling.

As for that night, it was dark and quiet. And beautiful.

And then I thought:

Difficulties are beautiful.
Ugly is beautiful.
Beautiful can be ugly.
These aren't just words.
It's actually a matter of illusion.
Matter of time.

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